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Pakistan is home to a variety of amazing landscapes. While its peaceful cultural heritage, the ancient Silk Road, and the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro enchant travelers, we go further and see an unknown, historic Pakistan.

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Here is the information which you should know about Shri Katas Raj Temple (Punjabi, Urdu: کاتاس راج ) (Sanskrit: कटास राज) also goes to Fort Katas (Qila Katas). The temple is surrounded by a pond called Katas Raj. It is said in the ancients that the Shiva was so inconsolable after the death of his wife Sati, that tears literally rained from his eyes and formed the two sacred pools of Pushkara near Ajmer and Katas Raj here in the Salt Ranges of Punjab. The pond covers an area of 2 kanals and 15 marlas, with a depth of 20 feet.

Why so important For Hindus

Take a bath in this Holy Pond of Tears and your sins will wash away! This is what the Hindus believe about this pond inside Katas Raj. A Brahmanical story said that the pond at Katas Raj temples was formed by the tears that Lord Shivji hed after the death of his wife Sati“. The name of the temple is believed to derive from the Sanskrit word kataksha, meaning “teary eyes”. Moreover, it is said that Guru Nanak also visited the place on the first of Visakh.

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Katas Raj came to be known as Nanaknawas and was a site of contemplation for many large groups of mystics, ascetics, and jogis. According to Archaeological Survey of India director general Alan Cuningham in 1872-73 CE, Katas Raj is the second biggest holy place in Punjab for Hindus after Jawala Mukhi. It is believed that the site was visited by the Pandawa brothers of “Mahabharta” fame and this complex of temples was constructed to commemorate their visit.

Location Of Katas Raj

Katas raj Temple is a Hindu complex situated in Katas village near Choa Saidan Shah in the Chakwal District of Punjab in PakistanKatas Raj is located near the interchange for the town of Kallar Kahar off the M2 Motorway which links Islamabad to Lahore. The complex is located alongside the road that connects Kallar Kahar to Choa Saidan Shah.

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The architecture of Katas Raj

The temples at Katas Raj are mostly constructed on square platforms. The elevation of the sub-shrines seems to form a series of cornices with small rows of pillars, crowned by a ribbed dome. Most of the temples were built in an architectural style similar to Kashmiri temples, with teeth, fluted pillars, trefoil arches, and rooflines that are pointed.

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Ramachandra Temple of Katas Raj

The Ramachandra Temple of katas Raj is situated to the east of the Hari Singh Haveli and is closed from all sides except for an entrance on the east. The double-storied structure has 8 rooms of various dimensions on the ground floor.

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Hanuman Temple of Katas Raj

Hanuman temple of Katas Raj is on the western extreme of a high rectangular enclosure. This Temple is one of the best designs with an undecorated ceiling and lime plastered.

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Shiva Temple of Katas Raj

The Shiva temple of Katas Raj is also built on a square platform with a rectangular opening to the north.

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Hari Singh Nalwa Fort and Haveli of Katas Raj

The Hari Singh Nalwa Fort and Haveli of Katas Raj itself are located on a small hillock and overlook the entire temple complex. The walls are approximately 5 meters tall and feature an entryway in the western wall of the fort. The interior rooms were not decorated.

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Katas Raj Temple best place to visit in Pakistan 2022 | Here is the 4K Detailed Vlog of Katas Raj 

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