Now PAKISTANIS can make money from Facebook videos - FB Updates

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Allow Facebook creators to reduce content by allowing content creators around the world to target these videos. It has been activated in large numbers in many parts of the world, but Pakistani content creators cannot benefit from it. However, it is about to change.

The Ministry of Information and Technology announced that the meta-core company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has decided to enable video monetization for Facebook in the country.

Facebook makes a ton of money from the market. While most people are somewhat familiar with the concept of Facebook, many do not know how to manipulate their videos on the form.

This is mainly due to the fact that book video monetization is a brand new concept and recently, a limited number of Facebook partners are available.

The ministry said it would develop a pilot production for video monetization and then make the policies contagious. It believes it may be possible to allow live monetization.

The Minister said that Pakistan also has reservations about the powers of the Regulatory Framework in Metaco.

Here are three ways to monetize Facebook videos:

Brand collaborate Manager

Fan subscriptions

In Stream Ads

How do some Pakistanis already monetize videos?

Currently, some selected media organizations and individuals have monetized their videos. But for that I want them to take the services of countries like Singapore or UAE and apply for monetization through these letters.

Once enabled, everyone who creates video content can make money from their content.

This is a long-term process and requires investment, which individual content creators, especially new Facebook users, cannot afford.

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